For Instructors

Below are links to select sets of short introductory readings from 1000-Word Philosophy: An Introductory Anthology to help create “course modules” or “teaching units” on common topics in introductory philosophy and ethics courses: 

This page will be periodically updated as more essays are identified as especially ideal for this resource. But please check the front page for our newest essays.

We have a rough draft of an order of readings, which can be used to develop a syllabus, for an Introduction to Philosophy course, and two orders of readings for Introduction to Ethics courses. Of course, philosophy and ethics courses can have many structures and these are just a few possibilities!

We also have two new resources for students on How to Write a Philosophical Essay. and How to Read Philosophy by the Editors of 1000-Word Philosophy. This page will soon be split into “Instructor Resources” and “Student Resources.” 

Some of our essays are available as audio recordings and some are available as videos.

Note: philosophy instructors may find this article, by 1000-Word Philosophy editor and contributor Tom Metcalf, to be interesting and useful in their teaching philosophy and advocating for the value of philosophy: Metcalf, Thomas. (2022). “The Case for Philosophy as a General-Education Requirement.” Teaching Philosophy, 45(3), 299–326. (Pre-publication version). 

Some essays that are especially good for the beginning of a class:



Ethical Theories and Theories of Justice

Contemporary Moral and Social Issues


Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Race

Philosophy of Sex and Gender

Philosophy of Science

Historical Philosophy 

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

Comments are open below for suggestions!

2 thoughts on “For Instructors

  1. A great source! Request if ‘pre-socratics’ may be added, plz! (I teach philosophy, mainly the history of philosophic thought) Tnxez plz! Asad.

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