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Recent Essays

Philosophy by Thomas Metcalf

Is Death Bad? Epicurus and Lucretius on the Fear of Death by Frederik Kaufman

John Stuart Mill on The Good Life: Higher-Quality Pleasures by Dale E. Miller

Feminism Part 3: The Dominance Approach by Chelsea Haramia

Epistemology, or Theory of Knowledge by Thomas Metcalf

al-Ghazālī’s Dream Argument by John Ramsey

Epistemic Injustice by Huzeyfe Demirtas

Ethics and the Expected Consequences of Voting by Thomas Metcalf

Removing Confederate Monuments by Travis Timmerman

Ethical Egoism by Nathan Nobis

Dutch Book Arguments by Daniel Peterson

Is Immortality Desirable? by Felipe Pereira

Sexual Orientation, Sex, and Gender by Raja Halwani

Hell and Universalism by A.G. Holdier

Defining Capitalism and Socialism and Arguments for Capitalism and Socialism by Thomas Metcalf

Aristotle’s Defense of Slavery by Dan Lowe

The African Ethic of Ubuntu by Thaddeus Metz

The Death Penalty by Benjamin S. Yost

Reparations for Historic Injustice by Joseph Frigault

Expertise by Jamie Carlin Watson

Attributes of God by Bailie Peterson

Hope by Michael Milona & Katie Stockdale

Responding to Morally Flawed Historical Philosophers and Philosophies by Victor Fabian Abundez-Guerra and Nathan Nobis

Philosophical Inquiry in Childhood by Jana Mohr Lone

How to Establish Social Order? Three Early Chinese Answers and Wu-Wei: Acting without Desire by Henrique Schneider 

The Ontology of Race by Abiral Chitrakar Phnuyal

Mary Astell’s “A Serious Proposal to the Ladies” (1694) by Simone Webb

Dharma in Abhidharma Buddhism by Nicholaos Jones

Mengzi’s Moral Psychology, Part 1: The Four Moral Sprouts and Mengzi’s Moral Psychology, Part 2: The Cultivation Analogy by John Ramsey

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