1000-Word Philosophy 2022 Year-End Report

Dear Supporters of 1000-Word Philosophy,

Happy New Year! Let’s hope that 2023 is a great year!

1000-Word Philosophy is based on the simple assumption that philosophical ideas and arguments matter and make a difference — for our personal lives and our collective lives, in so many important ways — and we want more people to be better able to engage those ideas and be better off for it.

We wanted to send a quick report on some of our 2022 activities and accomplishments, with some requests for how you might help share and grow what 1000-Word Philosophy: An Introductory Anthology has to offer.

First, we ended the year with 1,030,755 views and 663,361 visitors. We are very proud to have reached that million views milestone. The previous year, we had 764,507 views and 500,263 visitors, so 2022 was a pretty big jump in readership.

We currently have 170 published essays, and 30 were published in 2022.

This year we started making some of our essays available as audio recordings, and an animator (from Iran) started making some of the essays into videos, which are really excellent.

Many of our essays have been translated into other languages, and we try to link to those translations from the initial essays’ pages.

So we are excited that there’s been so much interest in our essays and a desire to share them and build on them.

Here are some ways you can help 1000-Word Philosophy grow and have greater impact:

  • subscribe on the webpage to receive new essays by email; follow us on Facebook and Twitter;
  • share the essays on social media: share new ones when they come out, and peruse the archive and share any that you find especially compelling;
  • likewise, simply share the page: www.1000WordPhilosophy.com;
  • especially if you know any teachers or instructors, at any and all levels of education, please let them know of this page since it might be useful for them in instruction and as a resource;
  • if you have a webpage or other forms of online presence, please add links to our page, as well as any particular essays;
  • finally, take a look at what we are doing — our webpage and social media — and if you have any ideas for improvement or new things that we should consider doing, please let us know. And if you would like to volunteer to pursue any great ideas you might have, we’d be happy to talk about that and how we might collaborate.

We thank you for your support and, again, we hope 2023 is a great year for us all!


The Editors of 1000-Word Philosophy

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