About 1000-Word Philosophy

1000-Word Philosophy: An Introductory Anthology is a constantly-growing collection of nearly 150 original essays on important philosophical topics. These essays are introductions rather than argumentative articles. Each essay is as close to 1000 words (while never going over!) as the author can get it. A 1000-word essay takes between five and ten minutes to read. That’s about the length of a short bus ride or a waiting room stay, or the lead-up to a class meeting.

Professional philosophy can seem abstract, esoteric, and hyper-specialized. But we all ask and try to answer philosophical questions myriad times daily: philosophy is the purview not just of the expert, but of all thoughtful people. 1000-Word Philosophy is an open-access journal of philosophy. Its intended audience is general readers who are interested in philosophy and students in philosophy, and philosophical, courses. 

Our goal in writing and sharing these essays is to provide high-quality introductions to great philosophical questions and debates. We hope that philosophers and non-philosophers alike will benefit from perusing these essays. Our authors generally provide references or sources for more information for readers whose interest is piqued by a particular topic or debate. New essays are always very much welcome: please see the submissions page for details.

1000-Word Philosophy began in 2014. In 2018, the Blog of the American Philosophical Association posted a story about the Anthology, entitled “1,000-Word Philosophy: Philosophy for Everyone” which provides more information about the project and its goals. 

A 2022 End of Year Report is available here

Please email us any questions or comments. If you notice an error or oversight in one of our essays, please email us, and your comments will be passed along to the essay’s author.

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Editorial Board

Our editorial board is composed of authors at 1000-Word Philosophy who have taken a special interest in the project’s development and success. We seek to expand and diversify this team.


All essays are original contributions to 1000-Word Philosophy and are published with permission from the authors, unless otherwise noted. Contributing authors retain any and all copyright interests in their individual works. 1000-Word Philosophy holds copyright to the collective work. Please do not reproduce this work in part or in full without permission from the Editors, the author(s) and appropriate attribution to the original source of the material.