The Ethics of Abortion by Nathan Nobis

Ethical Realism by Thomas Metcalf

Applied Ethics by Chelsea Haramia

The Moral Status of Animals by Jason Wyckoff

Practical Reasons by Shane Gronholz

The Non-Identity Problem by Duncan Purves

Moral Testimony by Annaleigh Curtis

Situationism and Virtue Ethics by Ian Tully

Speciesism by Dan Lowe

The Ethics of Drone Strikes by Ryan Jenkins

Because God Says So: On Divine Command Theory by Spencer Case

Moral Error Theory by Ian Tully

The Badness of Death by Duncan Purves

Moral Luck by Jonathan Spelman

Introduction to Consequentialism by Shane Gronholz

Free Will and Moral Responsibility by Chelsea Haramia

Introduction to Deontology: Kantian Ethics by Andrew Chapman

(Im)partiality by Shane Gronholz

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