Social and Political Philosophy

Social Contract Theory by David Antonini

John Rawls’ ‘A Theory of Justice’ by Ben Davies

Theories of Punishment by Travis Joseph Rodgers

Marx’s Conception of Alienation by Dan Lowe

How to Establish Social Order? Three Early Chinese Answers by Henrique Schneider

Just War Theory by Ryan Jenkins

The Death Penalty by Benjamin S. Yost

The Prisoner’s Dilemma by Jason Wyckoff

Hannah Arendt’s Political Thought by David Antonini

Plato’s Crito: When should we break the law? by Spencer Case

Reparations for Historic Injustice by Joseph Frigault

Feminism Part 1: The Sameness Approach by Annaleigh Curtis

Feminism Part 2: The Difference Approach by Annaleigh Curtis

Mary Astell’s “A Serious Proposal to the Ladies” (1694) by Simone Webb

Licensing Parents by Ryan Jenkins

The Repugnant Conclusion by Jonathan Spelman

Hope by Michael Milona & Katie Stockdale

Expertise by Jamie Carlin Watson

The Ontology of Race by Abiral Chitrakar Phnuyal

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