Call for Teaching Materials

1000-Word Philosophy: An Introductory Anthology is seeking experienced philosophy instructors to develop introductory teaching essays on topics of current and urgent social, ethical, and political interest in the United States.

We expect that most, if not all, of these essays will be included in the Philosophy of Race category, as well as Social and Political Philosophy and Ethics

1000 Word Philosophy has been seeking essays on these issues for a long time now, and wanted to make this interest known again. Instead of developing a list of potential topics, we are asking instructors this:

  • What issues relevant to current events would you like to teach, and need to be discussed, in philosophy (and other) courses?
  • What topics do students want and need to learn about and discuss and so introductory guides to those topics would help for fruitful discussion?

1000-Word Philosophy’s essays are of a unique genre in that its articles are not argumentative: they are introductory overviews that inform and inspire critical discussion: they are an effective first step towards engaging deeper, often argumentative, sources. It must be acknowledged though that although 1000-Word Philosophy’s essays are not argumentative (in a sense that there is nothing like “I will argue that p”), they are also not neutral: they acknowledge and build upon reasonable agreements and informed and fair-minded consensus.

For more information about 1000-Word Philosophy, and important submission guidelines, please see And please contact the editors at with any questions, to discuss any potential essay ideas and for suggested topics. 1000 word philosophy CFP

Here is the current main set of relevant essays that we wish to expand on:

The Ontology of Race by Abiral Chitrakar Phnuyal

Reparations for Historic Injustice by Joseph Frigault

Responding to Morally Flawed Historical Philosophers and Philosophies by Victor Fabian Abundez-Guerra and Nathan Nobis

Aristotle’s Defense of Slavery by Dan Lowe 

Removing Confederate Monuments by Travis Timmerman

Ethics and the Expected Consequences of Voting by Thomas Metcalf

Readers interested in philosophical issues about race may also find these essays especially relevant:

Social Contract Theory by David Antonini

John Rawls’ ‘A Theory of Justice’ by Ben Davies

Plato’s Crito: When should we break the law? by Spencer Case

Theories of Punishment by Travis Joseph Rodgers

The Death Penalty by Benjamin S. Yost

Defining Capitalism and Socialism and Arguments for Capitalism and Socialism by Thomas Metcalf

Marx’s Conception of Alienation by Dan Lowe

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