Historical Philosophy

Plato’s Form of the Good by Ryan Jenkins

Plato’s Crito: When should we break the law? by Spencer Case

Aristotle’s Defense of Slavery by Dan Lowe 

Is Death Bad? Epicurus and Lucretius on the Fear of Death by Frederik Kaufman

How to Establish Social Order? Three Early Chinese Answers by Henrique Schneider

Cosmological Arguments for the Existence of God by Thomas Metcalf

Pascal’s Wager: A Pragmatic Argument for Belief in God by Liz Jackson

Reason is the Slave to the Passions: Hume on Reason vs. Desire by Daniel Weltman

Social Contract Theory by David Antonini

“Nasty, Brutish, and Short”: Thomas Hobbes on Life in the State of Nature by Daniel Weltman

Rousseau on Human Nature: “Amour de soi” and “Amour propre” by Corey McCabe

Descartes’ Meditations 1-3 by Marc Bobro 

Descartes’ Meditations 4-6 by Marc Bobro 

Descartes’ “I think, therefore I am” by Charles Miceli

Leibniz’s Principle of Sufficient Reason by Marc Bobro

Mary Astell’s “A Serious Proposal to the Ladies” (1694) by Simone Webb

Idealism Pt. 1: Berkeley’s Subjective Idealism by Addison Ellis

Idealism Pt. 2: Kant’s Transcendental Idealism by Addison Ellis

Nietzsche and the Death of God by Justin Remhof

Marx’s Conception of Alienation by Dan Lowe

Moore’s Proof of an External World: Responding to External World Skepticism by Chris Ranalli

African American Existentialism: DuBois, Locke, Thurman, and King by Anthony Sean Neal

Mengzi’s Moral Psychology, Part 1: The Four Moral Sprouts by John Ramsey

Mengzi’s Moral Psychology, Part 2: The Cultivation Analogy by John Ramsey

Dharma in Abhidharma Buddhism by Nicholaos Jones

Responding to Morally Flawed Historical Philosophers and Philosophies by Victor Fabian Abundez-Guerra and Nathan Nobis

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