The Prisoner’s Dilemma

Author: Jason Wyckoff Category: Social and Political Philosophy Word Count: 1000 What is the relationship between being rational and producing good results? One might think that rational people, acting rationally on good information, will always produce good outcomes for themselves, and maybe for others too. But consider William Poundstone’s description of a widely discussed case: “Two … Continue reading The Prisoner’s Dilemma

Feminism Part 1: The Sameness Approach

Author: Annaleigh Curtis Category: Philosophy of Sex and Gender, Social and Political Philosophy Word Count: 990 Editor's Note: This essay is the first in a two-part series authored by Annaleigh on the topic of philosophical feminism. The second essay can be viewed here. In both academic and non-academic discussions of feminism, there is sometimes a lack of appreciation for … Continue reading Feminism Part 1: The Sameness Approach