Distributive Justice: How Should Resources be Allocated?

Distributing the good of watching a game.

Authors: Dick Timmer and Tim Meijers Category: Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics Word Count: 994 As we write this, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is worth $188 billion.[1] That is about $1 billion more than the day before. And $1 billion is more money than you would have had you earned $1,000 a day, every day, … Continue reading Distributive Justice: How Should Resources be Allocated?

John Rawls’ ‘A Theory of Justice’

John Rawls' A Theory of Justice

Author:  Ben Davies Category: Social and Political, Ethics Word Count: 999 Some people are multi-billionaires; others die because they are too poor to afford food or medications. In many countries, people are denied rights to free speech, to participate in political life, or to pursue a career, because of their gender, religion, race or other factors, … Continue reading John Rawls’ ‘A Theory of Justice’