Philosophy of Mind and Language

The Knowledge Argument Against Physicalism by Tufan Kıymaz

Frege’s Puzzle and the Meaning of Words by Graham Seth Moore

Gricean Conversational Implicature: What We Say and What We Mean by Thomas Hodgson

Semantic Externalism by Rachel Bourbaki

Self-Knowledge: Knowing Your Own Mind by Benjamin Winokur

Intentionality by Addison Ellis

The Extended Mind by Rachel Bourbaki

Vagueness by Darren Hibbs

Wittgenstein’s Private Language Argument by Ian Tully

Contemporary Syllogisms by Timothy Eshing

Descartes’ Meditations 1-3 and Descartes’ Meditations 4-6 by Marc Bobro 

George Orwell’s Philosophical Views by Mark Satta