Desired Essays

This is an incomplete and in-progress list of topics that we are actively seeking essays on, presented in no order of preference or priority:

  • Theories of Justice
  • Topics in Philosophy of Religion:
    • Cosmological Arguments for God’s Existence
    • Hell & Universalism
    • Pascal’s Wager / Pragmatic Concerns for Religious Belief
    • Faith (and Reason)
    • philosophical issues in non-Western, non-monotheistic religions
    • many topics . . 
  • Sexual Ethics
    • Homosexuality
    • Monogamy
    • Marriage
    • Love
    • Consent
    • many topics . . 
  • The Nature of Philosophy 
  • Wisdom
  • Topics in Aesthetics and Philosophy of the Arts
  • Philosophy of Law
    • Debates about the duty to obey the law; just and unjust laws, etc.
  • Topics in Philosophy of Race
    • Theories of Racism
    • Reparations
    • Implicit Bias
    • Affirmative Action
    • many topics . . 
  • Relativism, concerning truth and/or ethics
  • Epistemology:
    • Theories of Epistemic Justification
    • Ethics of Belief
    • Epistemic Injustice
  • Historical Philosophers
    • Stoicism
  • Moral issues:
    • Punishment / Death Penalty
    • Immigration and national borders
    • Capitalism
    • Drugs
    • Poverty, Absolute Poverty
    • Trolley problems
  • Topics in Philosophy of Mind
  • Happiness
  • Non-Western philosophers and philosophies.

Please comment below and/or email the editors with further suggested topics. We are especially interested in essays on topics frequently addressed in introductory courses, as well as topics that are difficult to cover in introductory courses because the relevant literature is difficult for beginning students. We especially welcome material addressing under-represented philosophical traditions, including global philosophy, philosophy of race, LGBTQIA issues, and more, as well as submissions on all topics by women and members of other under-represented populations.

We are open to the possibility of multiple essays on the same topic, since there are always many useful ways of addressing any philosophical issue.

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