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Essay Categories

* New categories are added as the project expands. 

** Some essays below are in multiple categories.

Many of our essays have been translated into Turkish

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

African Philosophy

Buddhist Philosophy

Chinese Philosophy


Practical Ethics / Applied Ethics / Moral Principles

Normative Ethics / Ethical Theories / Moral Principles 

Meta-Ethics / The Philosophy of Ethics 


Historical Philosophy

Islamic Philosophy

Logic and Reasoning

Metaphilosophy, or Philosophy of Philosophy


Phenomenology and Existentialism

Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Law

Philosophy of Mind and Language

Philosophy of Race

Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Sex and Gender

Social and Political Philosophy

What other topics would you like to see addressed on 1000-Word Philosophy? Please add them as comments below or email the editors with your suggestions. 

One thought on “All Essays

  1. Is there a scientific method or methods? Evolutionary Biology uses different methods than Astronomy, different also are the methods of Quantum Mechanics or Climate Science; is there a meaningful way to include all these under the title ‘science’.

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